Meet Your (Co)Creators


Alexa Eisner

Alexa is an interior designer and artist passionate about communicating concept through design. She has a background in prop & fashion styling and creative production, and brings a multidisciplinary approach with an emphasis on identity. Her MA project in communication & rhetoric explored the ways we move through space and interact with others.

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Natalie Stone

Natalie is a producer & curator with a diverse background in live events, advertising, and the music/festival industry. She has worked with Fortune 500 clients and artists alike on projects that range from content creation to experiential & integrated marketing campaigns. Natalie has a MA in literature and offers an imaginative and whimsical perspective. 

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Barbara Woortmann

An experience designer & creative producer with a background as a certified holistic practitioner - Barbara brings thoughtful intention and unique elements into all of her creations. Working with major brands, companies and artists - she has produced experiences ranging from retreats, gatherings and workshops to music events and immersive parties.

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Our team comes with experience creating with...

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